At Blue Chesapeake Flooring, we understand that the flooring process can be overwhelming at times. That is why our goal is to seamlessly guide you through the flooring process from inception to culmination. From design and pre-construction consultation to professional certified installation, Blue Chesapeake Flooring works to ensure that your company's flooring process is easy, functional and timely. In addition to our general flooring services, Blue Chesapeake Flooring also offers interior painting services, concrete prep, furniture lift systems and reclamation and recycling services so that your business doesn't have to skip a beat.

Design & Pre Design Consultation

Design & Pre Design Consultation

At Blue Chesapeake Commercial Flooring, our staff is friendly, helpful and ready to guide you through the flooring process. During the budgeting phase or value engineering process, we are here to help you through steps such as selecting the right product for your project, and using our in-house design services and huge library of samples to eliminate the stress of choosing the right material, pattern or colors. With decades of experience, Blue Chesapeake Commercial Flooring provides a professional, safe and welcoming environment to support all of your flooring needs.

Project Management

Project Management

Our professionally trained and capable staff will guide you and your team through the renovation or construction process with confidence. From inception to culmination of the project, every step is well-planned, coordinated and executed safely. Logistical phasing and careful handling of materials are present in every project, allowing our installers to perform their tasks efficiently and effectively. At Blue Chesapeake Commercial Flooring, we believe communication is the key to success.

Professional Certified Installation

Blue Chesapeake Commercial Flooring is committed to exceeding the expectations of each and every client. With certified flooring installation mechanics, we provide the highest level of quality workmanship and service in the flooring industry. Our installation team continuously trains with the latest products and techniques, ensuring that we remain up-to-date with the highest quality products and services for our clients.

Interior Painting Services

We are more than just a flooring contractor. At Blue Chesapeake Commercial Flooring, we also offer wall prep, trim and painting services with expert craftsmanship. We strive to provide comprehensive offerings for all clients, including flooring, furniture-moving and painting. Working with Blue Chesapeake Commercial Flooring means that you will not have to worry about unneeded calls and scheduling by outside organizations for your painting needs.

Concrete Prep

Your finished floor only looks and performs as well as the sub-floor it's installed over. This means that there is no better way to start a project than with proper floor preparation. Our concrete preparation service includes restoring or improving floor serviceability. At Blue Chesapeake Commercial Flooring, we work with great precision and care, because we know that even the smallest details matter.

Reclamation and Recycling

At Blue Chesapeake, we are fully committed to environmental stewardship. During each project, we specify and install products that meet the highest standards of sustainability. Additionally, we recycle old materials, and wherever possible, help your business reuse products through donation or other means.

Furniture Lift Systems

At Blue Chesapeake Commercial Flooring, we do the heavy lifting. Your office employees will have the satisfaction of knowing all they have to do is move their personal items while we handle the rest. Blue Chesapeake Commercial Flooring offers in-house furniture-moving capabilities, saving your business time and money while ensuring your belongings are handled with care.